Hi lindos!!!!!!! We are not on holiday, I know! But we travel. A lot!

I’m going to tell you today something that it’s happening last months in Scort Divina. Day by day, there are more of you who ask us about the chance to travel with one of our Spanish escorts in Madrid or Marbella. Sometimes for one day event, or a weekend. It’s being also usual receiving calls from you to organize longer stays with one of our Scorts. And we are delighted!.

Most of you are from America, United Kingdom and Spain, in that order. You look for somone with a nice body, good manners and completely adaptative to any situation. It uses to be a few weekd to get everything organized. At the beggining, our Divines are always worried about how their Spanish escorts will be, if they will know how to be dressed, if you two will connect, .. It’s a lot of days, and there are a lot of nervs.

Until today, we can say that results are wonderful. All our clients are satisfied and our escorts come back very happy from the experiences. Our ladies are becoming the prefered escorts for these kind of services in Madrid. Every client emphasizes how commited our escorts are. They are always awaiting to every detail, wear properly in every moment and, above all, they do much more easier the travel to our Divines.

It’s true that, sometimes, it’s difficult for us to offer you the best options for your travels. We would love! But sometimes our Spanish escorts aren’t available for joining you as your girlfriends for several days. This said, please don’t hesitate to propose us anything you have in mind. We will always say YES and will offer you a sweet and comfortable alternative.

Our escorts really want to travel with you around the world. Or just going with you to have lunch, or dinner, in the mountain. Maybe you’re thinking in going to the cinema, or just shopping. Whatever is your excuse, we will be at your service. We promise dedication, loving and good deeds. Thank you for making us your reference agency: Scort DIvina.

I love you!!!!!

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