Morning Divinos!!!!!!!!!!.

I was just taking a look at our website and I realised one thing. In our new Vip Card section we added the Friends card, but we didn’t say too much about it. First, let me apologise for this. We’ve been really busy these days.

One day, our escorts in Madrid were commenting how a lot of you use to recommend Scort Divina to other friends, who little by litte become also Vip Clients. So, we realised that it’s really important to reward you in any way. And that’s the Friends card. You won’t have to take it with you. It will be here, with us. We will just control who of your friends come to use our services using your reference. You can use your name, or an alias, nickname, etc.. if you want.

Every 5 friends you bring to Scort Divina, a service for you with our escorts in Madrid and Marbella. We reward your loyalty and promotion. And, for those who will come using your reference we’ll have a special surprise. We’re sure they will love it. Be sure that we’ll take care of them.

So this is it. As always, we are at your disposal for any question or doubts that you may have while reading this. In the meantime, recommend us! And you will enjoy our Divinas mucho more 🙂


Be happy for the rest of the day……………………

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