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Carol. Available in Madrid

Carol is a luxury Madrid escort. Spectacular Spanish lady, model of profession. First of all to say that he joins the world of accompaniment with great enthusiasm. Since usually works as a photographic model.

Out of respect for your privacy we can not show your face, but in your description you can imagine the beauty that you are going to find. Fun, natural, friendly and very educated. It is a woman’s delight so for any gentleman it will be an unforgettable experience.

A spanish escort in Madrid of high level for to enjoy several hours of an authentic company, sure with it will be a success. She is tall, thin with a beautiful breast and a body of infinite beauty. His face is very beautiful, roguish, with a smile that you will not forget. Student of Companies and very applied, until now its relation with the sex has been nonprofessional.

The world of luxury sex catches your attention, and that is why you come to know it. It promises to be a lady of reference company for all. We are in luck to have her in our agency. Time passes very fast with her, because she is very funny, imaginative and creative in all her appointments. Intimacy with her is always a new surprise so your company will be amazing.

It is that feminine woman, warm and delicate that our demanding gentlemen expect to find. His look is deep and sweet, his sensual movements and transforms into intimacy. We hope you like it and you can enjoy its irresistible company.

Do not hesitate Carol is a great option to have fun in a big way. If you are looking for a woman with a flag, beautiful inside and out, that is what you are looking for. Charming in the treatment, complacent, loving and delivered. With a pleasant, curious and magnetic conversation.

It will captivate you from minute zero. It should be noted its beauty, elegance and sympathy united in a woman.

Carol is the fantasy of any gentleman with good taste.


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