Hello my babes!

I’ve been busy last days and didn’t have time to post, I’m sorry! I’ve been managing some exciting things for you, and I didn’t want to say anything until it was finally arranged and closed. It’s good news! I’m sure you all will be happy.

All or almost all of you know Alejandra. She was in our Spanish escorts team a time ago as your superstar escort. She was working in Madrid and Marbella, and everyone was really happy to meet and enjoy her. A precious catalan lady who started with us when she was 18 years old and left Scort Divina because of love.

Well, it’s an honour for me to say …. she’s back!!! Available for you, only in Scort Divina. I’m excited. She means a lot of things for me. How she grow during the time she was with us. How she performed and worked. How she loved what she was doing. I’m really proud of everything she has done and so happy to share our lives again.

For those of you who don’t know her yet, be sure that you’re going to have the chance to meet one of the best escorts in Madrid. Kind and likeable, very pretty, educated and cultural, elegant, fine, professional and a sex lover. You won’t find many girls who love sex like her, be sure.

I would love to add and importan detail. It’s trivial, thinking about how she performs, but you have to know that she will be only doing 1 hour services with prior appointments. Her rates will be our guests rates always. She doesn’t want to be occupied all the time and be unable to give the best of herself.

I think that it’s the best way to start this wonderful 2016. The courtain rises to …  Alejandra.

A huge kiss.

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