Duplex with our Spanish escorts

Good night my hearts,

It’s a long time since I write you some lines. I’m really sorry, but you know that things like health doesn’t know anything about blog posting. In any case, I’m always fighting and will be here talking to you as much as I can.

Today I wanted to say Hi! and, also, tell you that we’ve created a lot of new Duplex services in Scort Divina. You know that our Spanish escorts want to surprise you all the time. They’re always trying to ofer you new and interesting things, in order to please you.

We’ve always had a Duplex service, because it’s something you like and it’s being day by day more demanded by our customers. As we use to do, we listened to you and acted in consequence. We hope that our new services will be interesting for all of you.

In one side, we have the Patricia & Alejandra duplex. It’s different than the rest because it’s real lesbian. They touch, kiss, caress and do everything needed to enjoy a lesbian relationship in which you’re in the middle and can participate as much as you want. In another side we’ve created the Aitana & Elisa Duplex. It’s a show where two spectacular women will make you feel in heaven and you’ll be able to do whatever you feel with both. And … as super news! we’ve created the Alejandra & Carmen Sado Duplex. I think it doesn’t need too much explanation. SADO. Real. Each one being Domme and Dommer, performing their roles perfectly and willing to be whatever you want them to be. You choose.

I encourage you to meet our Spanish escorts in these new roles. I’m sure they will cover a lot of fantasies that you didn’t make real. You know all of them. They’re commited, passionate and they surrender to you. So, don’t hesitate. Try something different. Any of our new Duplex services with our Spanish escorts will be an incredible experience.

We’re already thinking in new services that we’re sure you’ll love. News will come soon, stay alert! In the meantime, don’t stop being happy any moment. If you can’t do it alone, call us! Our Divines are desiring to be with you.


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