A different escort in Madrid

Hi all!!!! How are you?. We, at Scort Divina, are very happy to welcome a new lady with a high level, class and education.

From the beggining, we’ve always tried to have escorts who are all different from each one. In fact, those of you who already know them can say that it’s true. No one of them are similar, every one of them has her own style. Unique and different. Following this line, we’ve choosen Ana. She’s a pretty, educated, stylish and chubby girl. And I say chubby with no derogatory intention at all. It’s real, and there’s a lot of men who asked us about a curvy girl. About a plump lady with big breast. Here she is. Her name is Ana, is Venezuelan, super cute and with a culture and manners that will cautivate you.

What I found remarkable about her is how refined, distinguised and sweet she is. At the beggining I had some doubts if you would like someone chubby, but I automatically realised that you would. With Ana, a good titjob or a 69 looking at those breasts -or anything you can think or fantasize- will be fantastic.

I’m sure she’s going to turn you on with her morbid personality. And, at the same time, she owns our style. Loving, sweet, delicated and commited. Her mind, as she said, is very open and loves sex.

She has never been working as a escort, but she recognizes that has the passion to know it all about sex. It’s going to be the first time working as a companion, but she’s determined to become a luxury escort in Madrid. And, above all, one of those indispensable Divines.

It’s also new to Scort Divina her prostatic massage service. We add this service, as she says that loves it. You can enjoy also playing many other different things, since she’s a lover of erotic games.

It would be ideal, of course, if you are up to share a soiree with her. She’s a university student, very educated and hyper professional. She has very good manners, class, style and distinction.

So, she’s already introduced. Now is your turn. Give her the chance to conquer you and please, tell me how was your experience. I’m sure you won’t be dissapointed. She will be soon one of the prefered escorts Madrid of a lot of our Divines, like you.

Happy week to all!


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